This Letter Made Sunny Leone Cry And It’s Not What You Think

Sunny Leone’s uproar in her various interviews resulted in her being mocked upon and criticised a lot of times. But let me tell you, it never made the star frown on herself. There is a different poise in her. She believes in what she does, and she works for it all the time. She has worked really hard to get where she is. What her previous job entailed is not important. Her dedication is what matters the most.
The journey from being a famous star in the adult industry to being a Bollywood actress was tough and being a part of irrelevant controversies was even tougher. But Sunny bagged in her achievements with full pride and took big lessons from her failures. She is an inspiration to all.

Back in April, a letter was received by Sunny from an admirer. And, you’ll be knowing all about the letter today, which made Sunny cry.

The daring actress

The daring actress

It’s not from where you come but where you’re headed. And, the actress in focus today surely knew where she was headed. Well, not everybody appreciates what she was in the past or her current achievements, but there are some who do. And, one of them admirers thought to write a letter.

A girl

The writer who claimed to be a girl seemed to be very good at expressing herself and the taboos she is surrounded with. She did not only tell what she was going through but when you start to read the letter in this story further, you’ll realise that she understood the journey of Sunny Leone in a much better way than any Indian would.

The journey before

Big night out!!

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In the next image when you see the first part of the letter, you will know that the girl admirer we’re talking about today is just a common Indian girl but with an out-of-the-world perspective. Also, she knows how to keep the suspense and not bore Sunny when she would’ve read it.

This is how the letter started…

This is how the letter started...

Sunny Leone, the lady who is frowned upon because she hails from the adult film industry was in tears after reading this particular letter. It wasn’t just any fan’s letter as the writer also suggests the same.

Plenty come and go!

Plenty come and go!

The writer also didn’t forget to let the actor know what she thought before and also the first time when Bigg Boss was screened. And if that wasn’t enough then she brought the analogy of Kamasutra into the letter and added a mix of Sunny’s past in the letter

Do you really think this is fair to a lady who wants to move past her early life?

Do you really think this is fair to a lady who wants to move past her early life?

Well, don’t judge the admirer’s letter and mindset too soon because she wrote some very important essentials in it. Some of the points are worth taking inspiration from.

Just ‘take’ it!

It’s clear from the second part of the letter that some of her followers understand that she had no option but to take all that came her way. It wouldn’t have been possible for her otherwise if she chose to listen to what the world had to say and stop living her life, her way.

And she stayed

The girl who was writing this letter full of admiration focused on things we couldn’t even think of. Amongst that was the ridiculing way, people used to tag her as an actor who had no skills to act.

Time to clear your pre-conceived notions.

She emphasised on the point that all those who were pinpointing the mistakes of Sunny and still do, who are they? Who authorised them to question you (Sunny) and throw remarks when they are the ones who are consuming way more adult content than before. Well, do read further before you cloud your thoughts with pre-conceived notions.

Sunny has broken all the beliefs of people.

Sunny has broken all the beliefs of people.

We Indians enjoy songs being portrayed on women and yet have the nerves to turn an actress down for having a different past than others in the industry. Yes, it was a girl who appreciated the way Sunny has broken all the beliefs of people.

And finally, Sunny cried!

It's time to dream big!! #SunnyLeone

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After she was appraised in such a manner, she couldn’t control her emotions and cried. The tears were not because of the fact that someone acknowledged what she had been through. But, you often break when someone is able to feel you to your inner core. And, this could even happen to you when you read the last part of the letter.

Lastly, the letter was not all about appreciation.

Lastly, the letter was not all about appreciation.

It also contained some personal experiences of the admirer and a request for everyone who has read the letter.

This letter truly touched my heart too!

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Not that Sunny needed to listen to it but in the busy life and all the chaos, one often forgets what they are within. Indeed, Sunny beyond everything (films and fame) is also the person defined in the entire letter.

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