Romantic Love Messages To Send Someone You Love

Romantic Love Messages To Text Someone You Love

Keeping romance alive in a relationship may be as easy as sending romantic text messages. Just letting someone know how much they mean to you can make all the difference in the world.  Just remember…don’t use these messages unless you mean them from your heart. Nobody likes a player!  AND, try to use only ONE every few days or so…using too many can make your texts seem “scripted”.


I may not be a photographer but I sure can picture us together forever

When I bring you flowers, it’s so they can see what true beauty really is

honey, you deserve the whole world…which I can never give you…instead I give you MY whole world

7 billion people on this green earth…my heart chose you

every love story is beautiful…but ours is my favorite!

every kiss from you takes me somewhere…a place without stress…a place with only happiness

I remember the first time I saw you…my heart whispered “She’s the One”

Angel Eyes, I can’t imagine life without you can’t stop thinking about you Dollface

YOU, are All Mine!

Any guess where my favorite place to put my hands is?  In Yours!

I feel safe to be myself when I’m with you

I love the way you love me

Ya know what I miss?

Your hugs and kisses when we’re apart

I would give anything to be with you right now…


Ooh BabyCakes, you are so good to me…what did I ever do to deserve you?

Sweetness…your warm hugs and your tender kisses are more delicious than anything else in the world

I was thinking today about the things that really matter…I came up with 3…You, your love for me, and me loving you

You are the only man I ever want in my life

( You are the only woman I ever want in my life )

You are the perfect man for me

( You are the perfect woman for me )

You are the sweetest man I know

( You are the sweetest woman I know )

When our lips touch…other parts of me ache

Your smile is magic …   It makes all my stress disappear

There was a TV show back in the 80’s called That’s Incredible.

(Wait for reply before sending next message)

You and your smile should have been on that show 🙂

Some may conquer with the sword, but you have conquered me with you kisses…

I”ve got a hug with your name on it if you’re interested

No matter how bad my day went, when you smile you make everything all right…I love that about you 😉

Because of you….I want to be an even better person than I already am! lol

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