The Scientific Reason You & Your Partner Should Do More Cuddling

Pre and post $ex snuggles have long term effects on happiness. People often get clueless what they must do to preserve the spark in their relationship. Counselors suggest effective communication, closeness, giving time to each other blah blah blah! These things are but supplementary to being close to each other, to cuddling and snuggling. That’s the true key to maintaining freshness in your relationship, old or new, doesn’t matter!

The study published in Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin indicates that a better $ex improves everyday mood and creates a better life for the individual. The individuals who stay closer are more satisfied with their relationship even after years of marriage.

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The satisfaction arrived at after a wonderfully satisfying $ex does not exhaust after a few minutes. You may think the positive effects may dissipate after 20 minutes. But no! $ex improves overall happiness. It brings both the couples closer. It sets off positive vibes in both the minds that endure throughout the day. $ex isn’t responsible for the just momentary increase in mood. It helps you to take your relationship to a deeper level. It sets off more positive feelings in the minds of the partners. They stay more positive and cheerful.

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Anik Debrot, one of the authors who was interviewed by PsyPost shared that the sexual satisfaction lasts even 6 months afterward. Couples who give each other more affectionate hugs and cuddles are likely to stay happier for the long haul, compared to those who don’t share these attributes in their relationship.
The heightened level of intimacy means a lot of preserving the relationship. So, if $ex and snuggling were not on your priority list, put them now on after the unequivocal evidence you received now.

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