Zodiac Signs that must never tie the knot

Zodiac Signs that must never tie the knot


Aries are independent, passionate, so someone in oppsosite wont work in your favour. They always love to know where they stands in the relationship. They will find it hard to come to terms with a relationship that is ending, whereas you like to cut the cord and move on straight away. Your worst match is Taurus- because Aries hate  chase so much.


Taurus are determined, honest, and loyal, and believe in living a practical life. Sagittarius is the worst match of Taurus because- Sagittarius can play mind games often to be fun, which just doesn’t translate well with you.  Taurus people can have a lot of experience in realationships, which can turn you off big times.


Geminians known for their loyality and they are also fun loving people. Who always looks for something exciting in their lives. Capricon is theworst match of Geminians because you don’t feel they do enough that excites you. They’re honest nature can be a little too honest at times and upset you.


They are emotional, caring and have a helpful nature. Auarius is your worst match because they are very happy with their savings account and their money only being spent on what they really need, when some days you love to treat yourself. This is not great for a joint account.


Leo’s are charming, flirty and confident about their personality. They hate people when they misjudge them. Scorpio is the worst match because they can be a little too much for Leo’s , often being stubborn and always wanting to show their strong point of views. Leo’s are sometime being jealous. So, it can be difficult to deal with them.


Caring and helpful, you guys are bit artistic in everything you do. Your worst match is Sagittarius because they like the chase and you hate it. There will always be that uncertainty surrounding your relationship, with one of you having one foot in and one foot out.


You are carefree, quirky and known for your sociable aura. But, your worst match is a Virgo, because they are too uptight at times, making you feel a little trapped. You don’t want to have to persuade them to do wild things with you, you want a partner who is up for the crazy ride.


Known for their reliability, Scorpians come across as comfortable companions. But, your worst match is Aries, because they are too damn fiery when you want a soft, loving relationship. You feel like they always want it their way and it doesn’t work for you in a relationship.


Sagitarians  have an upbeat and unmatched energetic persons. They come across as a very positive person.Worst match is Taurus because they aren’t the best people to be spontaneous because of their busy, practical lifestyles, making you feel there isn’t much excitement.


Because you guys are honest, loyal, and ambitious, you expect a companion who supports your dream and reciprocates your efforts. But, your worst match is a Gemini because you have a lack of understanding of them a lot of the time. Geminis are very hard to change, whereas you can change very easily when the time is right, which makes you feel that they are being too stubborn.


A bit over-protective, Aquarians have a hard time when people do not reciprocate your loyalty. In that case, worst match is a Cancer because they can be far too emotional for you. Your independence means they can accuse you of neglecting them when actually, you’re just getting on with your life as an individual.


They born romantic and have great respect for other’s emotions. your worst match is a Virgo because they are rather critical and too practical whereas you’re sensitive and dreamy. You will find it hard to see eye to eye. As opposite signs, you can either clash really badly or in rare cases, make up for what each other lack, sometimes creating a great relationship, if the Virgo is willing.


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