4 Mistakes Women Do That Can End A Relationship Before It Starts

We all await that perfect moment when we have “butterflies” in our stomach. The moment of perfect physical and emotional connection with someone is what our fantasies can only think of. Talking to someone the whole day long, sharing emotions, and getting intimate is a dream come true for most of the girls.
However, it is up to you how you deal with your relationship that decides if at all it will last. Often, after a few days, the guy starts pulling away or becomes distant. It is due to a girl’s over indulgence in the relationship. While women retrospect a great deal about stuff, men tend to breathe in the present moment. It is these differences that can lead to a relationship wreckage, if not considered properly.


1. Dwelling more in fantasy than reality

The girl already starts fantasizing spending the rest of her life with the guy she had barely had 2 dates with. She lets the butterflies in her stomach, the fantasies in her mind decide the way she thinks. The guy obviously senses this possessive, obsessive vibe of the girl’s and starts pulling away. The panicked girl, in turn, tries to push him even more. Thus begins the push & pull that ends with the end of the relationship

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To avoid it, learn to give your guy more time and space. Don’t just start dreaming of having children with a guy you just has spent a week with. Don’t rush!


2.Over thinking and over analyzing

Being over conscious of your man’s actions and intentions is a massive turn off for most men. Girls try to dissect each and every bit of conversation. How, when, why have their own separate timings. Don’t pester your guy with these questions again and again. Drama is another turn off for most men. Don’t indulge yourself too much into barren analyses of the past that they prevent you from enjoying your present.
The only solution is to relax and have confidence in your choice. Things will turn out well.

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Don’t tag the relationship until it is official to do so. After a couple of dates, don’t call yourself his “girlfriend”. Wait until he calls you his. Just because you hit off after a few dates doesn’t mean you’re entitled to call the two of you “couples”. You will ultimately know when it’s for real. Be patient. Don’t let your assumptions turn the first guy you meet into your husband!

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4. Trying to make sense out of everything every time

Asking ‘where are we’ on the second date is as unwise as it can get. Give your relationship some space to grow. Not every time everything will make sense for you. Mostly, girls panic faster and shoot a volley of questions at the guy unexpectedly that turns him off. Fear, insecurities, and complexities drive away your dream guy. One must learn to risk and wait for the relationship to blossom. Getting too much desperate isn’t something really desirable.

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