If you have initiated a long-term relationship, you are more likely to experience the initial spark or relationship energy. Though natural in the relationship, the bond which was intense and inciting may start to fade. Your frequency in making love or engaging in activities that were enjoyable declines and nothing brings back the !ntimacy you previously enjoyed at the beginning. In most couples, this sudden realization that you have reached love and intimacy threshold in your relationship mark the beginning of a permanent downward spiral in your bond. Luckily, there are date ideas to reignite love and closeness in your relationship. This include:

1. Private Couple Massage

You no longer have to go for the massage from a qualified masseuse while you can do it from the comfort of your home. Go for training along with your partner and make massage as part of a routine to strengthen your relationship. Isn’t it a great way to start a romantic moment with the person who counts most in your life? Make it regular especially after a tiring day from work. It’s also a great idea for a weekend.

2. Double Date

If the two of you have been dating alone for a couple of nights in pubs, revamp your days out by seeking the company of another couple. On finding that your friends are having a good time in the bar, you will also try to make yours enjoyable too. In the long run, you will become more !ntimate, and it’s not a surprise your partner will start demanding that you meet the other coupled-up friends. You will as well share experiences with the other couple and learn the secrets of their unbent relationship.


3. Surprise Him/Her

Sometimes, getting used to something can become boring. It’s the right time you should look for something that will surprise your partner. For instance, if your partner enjoys having dinners in a specific joint, arrange somewhere different and let them enjoy their best treats. Dress smartly and with a new look to awe your spouse. Arrange for surprises when they least expect them to happen.

4. Enjoy Karaoke Night

Just like planning a surprise, going to a bar with your partner and singing along during karaoke night can be thrilling and worth in making your bond stronger. Irrespective of whether you are a talented singer or an armature, you will both have enjoyable moments with your spouse. Don’t get conscious about your dancing style or voice, but just do it your way without giving a damn to what others are saying or thinking.

5. Dessert Night

Chances are you know what your partner likes most when it comes to dishes. Taking him/her out for dinner every night can at times be a bad idea or inconveniencing. Get your hands on the task and prepare confectionery at home to enjoy with your better half. You can request him/her to give you a hand and you the sweet memories will hardly go away for the rest of your life. It will also be a great time to enjoy his/her best meal that you have prepared with your hands.

6. Stand-up Comedy

Among the best things you can do with your partner is enjoying a funny moment together. Take him/her to a comedy bar and let the comedians get both of you into tears of laughter. It will create some memories you can always share afterward. This will, in turn, make your love and relationship stronger.


There are various ways through which you can give your love and intimacy a boost. The above 6 ideas can be the magical doses that you all need to move your relationship to the next level. Always ensure that your partner finds them enjoyable and your bond shall remain strong forever.

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