6 Questions To Determine If You Have Found Your SoulMate

How do I know if he is the one? Everyone wants to find the person he/she is compatible with. The problem is, it isn’t always crystal clear if he is the “one” you have been looking for.

If you are ambivalent about where your relationship is heading to, you just need to ask yourself certain questions. Be honest with your intuitions.


1. Do you feel authentic? 

Do you hold back your feelings just because you don’t want to expose yourself completely? Oh no! Then you’re dating the wrong man. You won’t have to hide your craziness and silliness in front of him. If you feel extremely comfortable being yourself fully with him, he is the man for you.

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2. Do I accept him the way he is now?

As the saying goes, “You can’t change the spots on a leopard”, you can’t change his substratum. The sort of a personality he holds, he’ll continue to do so. You can’t change that. You change persuade him to change a few of habits like exercising more, spending less etc. but make sure you are compatible with him as he is now.

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3. Are you showing any self- destructive signs?

Are you in possession of some drink or alcohol always or sleeping too much to the point of losing the sense of your friends, family, and others? Are you constantly asking, “Are you all right?” This is the sign you aren’t completely ready for the relationship to blossom. You need time and space to nurture yourself now.

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4. Do you have chemistry?

Chemistry is something uncreated. It is organic, natural. If your boy makes you feel pitter-patter every time he kisses you or cuddles you, if he gets you wet on that spot, your chemistry is perfect. Of course, $ex isn’t everything. But to keep the relationship fresh, physical intimacy is a must.

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5. Are you settling too soon?

The thought of settling with someone you feel heavenly when you put your head down on his shoulders is great. But the person you plan to settle with can’t be just “anyone”. It’s the question of your life. Indeed, a very important decision to make. My advice, don’t plan to settle so soon. Live with that person to test your compatibility. Be patient and open. The right person will come in the due course of time.

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6. What’s your gut feeling? 

Do you always ignore the nagging feeling you have about him whenever you meet him? Don’t ignore that. It might be something you need to lend your ears to, so as to keep yourself from drowning.

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