Seven Un$exy Things Men Do That Are Really Very $exy

It isn’t $exy but it is super-hot!

A few things men do about themselves or about their women that can lead to a massive turn on for women out there. The way her man walks or carries himself or simply the way he takes care of her when she’s ill or nudges her to go, see a doctor etc. are a few things that are really very sexy.

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1. When he lifts heavy stuff for you

Yeah, his butts look incredible when he’s lifting heavy stuff. But the more interesting thing is he cares to do these things in the first place. It’s his unconditional love and warmth that pulls us girls to him. Asking him to lift stuff for you isn’t being kickass. It is more about recognizing your own limitations and asking for help whenever needed.

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2. When he intently listens to you

When he doesn’t pretend to listen but actually listens, he looks incredible. When he listens not because he has to but because he loves to. Your true man would like to hear everything about you, your office drama or your best friend’s breakup story. He’ll give you feedback whenever warranted.

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3. When he doesn’t shower

When a man doesn’t shower, he just smells of his manly pheromones that women just love to lick off. Of course, personal hygiene is important but even his greasy scalp gives him that manly look you are desiring.

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4. The way he walks

There is something in the way he walks that throbs your heart. Maybe, he is just strolling down the street unaware you’re watching him, or he’s looking like a slob after an intense workout, his manly gait never fails to turn you on

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5. When he talks about things he loves though you know not a word about them

When he intently talks about shares, SEO strategies or his interest in fossils that you never ever want to see or touch, you suddenly feel aroused by the passion he speaks. These things may be nothing worth a trash for you but because they mean so much to your partner, they become super sexy topics to talk about.

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6. When he takes you to a doctor when you are sick

Being sick is the last thing in your mind. But how much touching and arousing it is to see your man take care of you when you’re sick. He keeps holding your hand, telling you how beautiful and wonderful a person you are. His intentions, so full of love, are a massive turn on.

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7. When he forgets to put on deodorant

The first thing I want to do to my man after an intense gym session is to snuggle him up. The drops of sweat that fall off from his warm body drool me. His manly scent attracts me from a distance. Every girl feels the same way.

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